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Tone and media

Here you will find the latest news from Tone Bråten in the media. Here you will find Spotify , the Facebook page , link to the Facebook group and not least Instagram .


The list below contains, among other things, interviews, podcasts and articles Tone has participated in.

Tone i media - siste nytt

«We have talked to family therapist and fertility counselor Tone Bråten about how it can affect the relationship to go through a longer or shorter IVF journey. Finally, we have also talked to Hanne and Mikkel who are in the middle of this now. "

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"We have talked to fertility counselor and family therapist Tone Bråten about egg donation, which is now legal in Norway following changes in the Biotechnology Act. With us, we also have Håvard and Cecilie who tell about their journey towards becoming parents together that ended with egg donation in Barcelona 4 years ago. "

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The podcast «Childless for better or worse», 13.08.2020

«Tone Bråten is a fertility therapist with long experience with both singles and couples who struggle to have children and the fertility treatment they go through. She has previously worked in child welfare and as a family therapist. She herself has undergone IVF treatment to have children and now she wants to help others with the challenges they face. What are the thoughts of those who are in this? Are there similarities and what are the biggest pitfalls? ”

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«Therapist Tone Bråten visits the pod for the second time and we talk about the most relevant topic egg donation (and donation in general). Tone has extensive international experience in guiding patients through assisted reproduction with donation, and shares here some thoughts, feelings and questions she often sees appearing in such a process. We talk, among other things, about the maturation process that may be required to be ready to use donation, about openness and about how to talk to the child who will hopefully be born ».

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Feature in TV2 The news about the new biotechnology law.


Family therapist Tone Bråten has received a sea of inquiries after it became clear that egg donation is now legal in Norway. But she believes we Norwegians have a tendency to get hung up on the wrong things when it comes to assisted reproduction.


Feature on NRK Rogaland. On 26 May 2020, I was interviewed on NRK Rogaland about the new Biotechnology Act.

Bare hender transparent.png, Article

Article on "Norwegian couples do not get help if it is the woman's egg there is something wrong with". Family therapist and supervisor Tone Bråten says Norway's ban on egg donation affects involuntary childless people very unfairly. Read the full article

Bare hender transparent.png, Article "How did I come to be?".

An interview with me where I comment on infertility, my children's books and openness about difficult questions.

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Bare hender transparent.png, Article "Read about Lily and Ole who are made of magical eggs and butt trolls". An article about my children's books! You can also find more information about the books I have written on this page .

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Bare hender transparent.png

Biotechnology Council, Interview

Biotechnology Council: "Assisted conception: Tell the child the whole story". "Family therapist Tone Bråten has written a children's book about sperm donation to start the conversation with the children."

An interview with me about the children's books I have written, from the website of the Biotechnology Council.

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Bare hender transparent.png, Article «Found donor brother of son Knut (3) on Facebook».

«Family therapist Tone Bråten is a specialist in involuntary infertility. She encourages you to think carefully about the choice to look for other children of the same donor.

I comment on the importance of awareness around donor selection.

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Tone Bråten on Spotify

Here you can listen to all the podcasts I have been on. Subscribe to the list to stay up to date!
Tone Bråten Spotify

Energy boost for fertility patients

Welcome to a community led by me, Family Therapist Tone Bråten. Become a member of the closed facebook group for those who are struggling on their way to the desired child.
Get tips and advice on how your days towards the child of desire can be filled with more energy, and alleviate loneliness by forming a community.
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