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Collaboration and contacts


Klinikk Hausken:

Klinikk Hausken is the fertility clinic I collaborate with in Norway. Klinikk Hausken is the fertility clinic in Norway with departments in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Haugesund.


In recent years, all patients at clinic Hausken have been offered a free hour with me as a therapist as part of the treatment. Klinikk Hausken is the clinic in Norway with the highest success rate. This is a private clinic where you are well taken care of from A to Z. Here you can be offered fertility assessment, freezing of eggs, insemination, IVF treatment with your own genetic material, and treatment with sperm donation and egg donation.

This is the clinic in Norway that is best known for trials, tests and medication that is on a par with the largest international clinics.

In addition to being a therapist for the clinic, I am involved in the egg and sperm donor team.


Cooperation in Norway

As a patient in Norway, you can contact me for an appointment no matter which clinic publicly or privately you belong to, but there is only one clinic I work closely with, and where patients get an appointment with me as part of the treatment, this is Klinikk Hausken.

Cooperation abroad

In some cases, it is necessary to choose forms of treatment and alternatives that do not exist in Norway, examples of which can be double donation and embryo donation. For several years, egg donation has been illegal in Norway, therefore I have had contact and collaboration with clinics abroad to get the right information about their offers, and recommend my clients good clinics based on their wishes and values in the children's project.

My recommendations are NOT financially conditioned. I do not get paid by clinics abroad to recommend patients to them. I recommend clinics because I know they are good, and because I have had patients who have been super happy with these clinics for several years!

Spain, Instituto Bernabeu:

I heard about this clinic already in 2012. It was the first clinic I knew of,that offered patients baby guarantee. 

Unlike Norway and many other countries, Spain offers anonymous donors. This means that the child does not have the opportunity to contact the donor after the age of 18 years. They offer IVF, egg donation, double donation and embryo adoption. The two last treatments are not allowed in Norway. T Many of the private fertility clinics in Norway recommend this clinic to patients that needs to go abroad for fertility treatment. They have 25 years of experience with international patients. They can match the Nordic look. The donors are healthy young students. Many people look at Spain as a "holiday" country. While you are under treatment at this Clinic, You are followed up by a Norwegian gynecologist, and only travelto the clinic for the necessary examinations and attempts.

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Aagaard klinikk:

Dette er en fantastisk fertilitetsklinikk som ligger i Aarhus i Danmark.

Dette er den eneste private fertilitetsklinikken i Skandinavia som tilbyr eggscreening, også kalt PGT—A.

I Norge har vi mulighet til å bedømme kvaliteten på embryoet ved og blant annet se hvordan embryoet deler seg. På denne klinikken, kan de gå enda nøyere til verks med PGT-A, noe som kan forhindre misabortions og unødvendige mange IVF forsøk.

Mange av mine pasienter er superfornøyde med denne klinikken, som også tilbyr både åpen og anonym donor, om man skulle trenge det på vei til ønskebarnet.


Triangelet klinikk:

Denne fertilitetsklinikken ligger i København, og er en av de eldste klinikkene i Danmark, og er lett å komme seg til med både fly og båt.

Klinikken ligger i et rolig boligområde, og selve klinikken er superkoselig å komme inn i.

Her får man tett oppfølging av det vennlige personalet, som har mange års spesialiseringserfaring. Her kan man få narkose under egguttak, og man er da best mulig dekket i forhold til smerte. Hit kan man også ta med egen donor, om man ønsker det. Jeg har flere fornøyde pasienter som har vært på denne klinikken.


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